SELF-management maintenance Inhalation therapy with EHealth (SELFIE); a study on eHealth use in patient care and research

Nieuwe ontwikkelingen in behandeling en zorg (Nederlands)

Esther Kuipers
Radboud university medical centre, Radboud Institute for Health Sciences, IQ Healthcare
10 april 13:00 - 13:18 (Markgraaf 3)
Background - Electronic monitoring devices (EMDs) are available to remind patients with respiratory diseases to take their medication and to register inhalations for feedback to patients and healthcare providers, as well as for data collection in research settings.
Objectives - This study aimed to assess the validity and the patient-reported usability and acceptability of an EMD.
Methods – This observational study was planned in 21 community pharmacies in the Netherlands. Patient-reported inhalations were collected and compared to EMD registrations to evaluate the positive predictive value (PPV) of these registrations as actual patient inhalations. Patients received questionnaires on their experiences and acceptance.
Results – A convenience sample of 32 patients was included across 18 pharmacies and 886 medication doses were validated. Of these, 751 registrations matched with patient-reported use (true positives, 84.8%). Thirty inhalation registrations did not match the patient-reported use (false positives, 3.4%). The positive predictive value (PPV) was 96.2%. 105 patient-reported inhalations were not recorded in the database (false negatives, 11.8%). Patients overall reported the EMD to be acceptable and easy to use, but many hesitated to continue its use. Reminders and motivational messages were not appreciated by all users, and more user-tailored features in the application were desired.
Conclusion –Patient’s interaction with the device in real world settings is critical for objective measurement of medication adherence. The PPV of this EMD was found to be acceptable. However, patients reported false negative registrations and a desire to see more user tailored features to increase the usability and acceptability.
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